The magic continues…

…for real!

It’s been a long time since my last (and initial) blog post.

Many things have happened that kept me from writing. Mageia was founded and I was deeply involved in it. But what should I write?

  • So many things happened so fast, I would most certainly have been too late to report about them.
  • I was no part of the founder group, just a little contributor out there. So I wasn’t too deep involved in the interna.
  • And the third point is: All interesting things were already reported on in the official Mageia blog, a source I couldn’t compete with

So I decided to stay quiet. At least here.

In the last five months, much work was done over at Mageia. The infrastructure and organization was set up and the distribution was bootstrapped so we now finally have a first alpha release. Next to that work many other things were done, most of the designated teams were created and I am an active member of the i18n and web team. I was elected substitute leader of the i18n team and am now substitute leader of the web team, too. I should start to keep my mouth shut but when Romain asked and nobody volunteered for some time, I stepped forward.

Never been easier to get some job before 😀

So momentarily we are trying to get all web tools online, most of all the forums and the wiki that have been asked for for a long time.

In parallel we are discussing about the usage of transifex, a shiny new toy for us translators, that is momentarily becoming less shiny due to some critical flaws we found. The most important of these is transifex habbit of loosing all comments in the po files, which makes it difficult to use. After all the fuzzy markings of strings are comments as well as the translation history in the po file header.

So we’ll see…


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