Happy Birthday, Mageia

Mageia logo

Ok, it’s a year now, that Mageia was born.

And it really is a kind of magic, that surrounds that project in my eyes. No, there’s no hokus pokus involved, it’s the magic of the human heart that keeps so many people working together in their free time. So many contributors who do their share. Be it by developing, maintaining packages, writing news and so on.

But there are also all those people out there in the forums. Helping others solving their problems, discussing loads of things about the project and the direction it’s gonna go. And last but not least, stepping on “our” – the contributors – tows from time to time, showing us better ways of doing things.

But although we have a lot of dedicated contributors, a project of the size of a Linux distribution always needs more people. So if you feel in it your heart to become a part of all this, come and meet us somewhere. There are many ways to help, technical and non technical ones. Just have a look at the contributor page and join us. Not because it will get you any kind of fame, but because it is fun doing it and you can help us in making Mageia the best distribution out there!

So, see you arround and join the crowd!


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