FOSDEM 2012 – it was worth it again

Last weekend I was at FOSDEM to represent Mageia there.
And even if the travelling was quite an adventure, I have to say it was worth it again. Just meeting all those fantastic people from mageia, but also talking to a lot of people from other projects and also visitors was very interesting and I did enjoy it.

But let’s first come back to travelling there. It sounded rather simple, get into a train here at 7 a.m., change trains in Stuttgart and Frankfurt and arrive in Brussels at about 1:30 p.m.
But I forgot to take “Deutsche Bahn” into account…

It all started with a delay of about 20 minutes in Frankfurt, which made me miss the ICE to Brussels, the alternative they gave me was travelling via Cologne and arriving in Brussels at about 2.50 p.m., but the train to Cologne never arrived in Frankfurt due to technical problems.

The next one was a direct connections again, arriving at 5.30 p.m., but actually, it never arrived in Brussels. Some kilometres out, the engine broke down and all passengers had to continue with some regional train on their own.

But let’s go on with FOSDEM itself. As ususal I was quite excited to meet people there, I only know from discussions in IRC or in the MLs. It’s rather interesting to see the faces behind the nick names and see if the people do fit your imagination of them.

Aside from many discussions with fellow Mageia people, talking about Mageia to visitors (we did hand out nearly 300 CDs, that’s quite a number) and chatting with people from other distros – mainly Fedora who were our direct neighbours – we also took part in the discussion and talk schedule.
Misc did some talk about our ldap infrastructure and the things surrounding it and joined around table discussion of distro project sysadmins and I myself joined a round table discussion about local communities.
It was really intersting to see what other distros do in that respect, since we don’t have a real organization there and we really should change that.

So what’s the resumee of this?

Let’s meet again at FOSDEM 2013!


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